JURO International Systems, Inc.  Aviation Consulting Company

Welcome Letter from the President

Announcing new products:
o   JIS-TCN in collaboration with ATPCO
o   Origin and Destination Sales Summary Data Analysis Tool - in collaboration with ARC
o   Marketing Intelligence Tools

News Releases

08/12/2008 LAN Airlines Selects Juro International Systems Revenue Analysis System
03/16/2006 ATPCO and Juro International Systems Team Up To Provide Carriers With Unique Marketing Intelligence
11/15/2005 Midwest Airlines Selects Juro International Systems New Revenue Analysis System

Juro International Systems is a data management, information technology and consulting firm. Our software applications are helping a growing number of aviation related businesses increase revenue and market share by changing the way they manage information. With over 50 years of experience at major U.S. airlines, JIS has the know how to develop innovative and cost-effective software solutions.

Assimilating complex data from diverse sources and providing management with problem-solving tools that will improve performance is what we do best.

For more details or a personal demonstration on how our software applications can immediately improve your company's financial statements, contact us by phone at 816.531.9222 or e-mail us at Jurois@aol.com.

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