JURO International Systems, Inc.  Aviation Consulting Company


Consulting                                                                                                                     CONTACT CONSULTANT
utilizes its thorough understanding of the aviation industry to develop creative and immediate solutions that meet the needs of our clientele. Our talented staff can provide expert consultation on a wide variety of issues such as competitive analyses, strategic planning, market development, and data management tools. We can assist in expanding your understanding of the competitive environment in which your business operates.

Systems Development                                                                                            CONTACT CONSULTANT
has extensive experience in the design and development of software tools that assist our clients in strategic decision making. Our knowledge of industry data sources and uses is unsurpassed and we utilize that knowledge to develop effective technological solutions. We can provide any level of support required, from guidance on in-house system design, to the development of complex software packages customized to meet the specific needs of your operation.

Data Processing                                                                                                         CONTACT CONSULTANT

JIS can help you overcome the obstacles presented by incompatible data and media.  We have the analytical and programming skills to meet your data conversion needs.  We can help you migrate legacy systems data to your current system from various media sources.  Some of our capabilities include converting data on 3480, 3490, DLT tape drives. The converted/processed data then can be send back to you via CD, DVD or uploaded to our servers for online retrieval.